Sharing in the groove

Haven’t written much of late. Mostly been indulging in the world of Phish on my Sirius radio app.

Also reading a book called Gardens of the Moon which is the first of 10 in the series so… that will be on the mind for a spell.

Not a for real post but a few things that are developing in my mind for future exploration:

Wonder if I’m the only 43 year old man that picked up the Dove men + care shampoo this morning but then put it down and said out loud to myself, “you know, I think I’ll go with Pert this morning”…

Sharing in the groove.

Asking Sydney if she wants to come home before we go to the away tennis match and all the factors involved in that.


Should one take stands? If so, what’s worth it?

Social Media etc as ‘devoid of humanity’

Third Life.

Reasons for wanting to me Mayor.

I’ll try and get back to writing more regularly. Peace.

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