Jesus Christ Superstar

This was the first broadway musical type record that I listened to. Growing up my dad would play it often. He had the 33rpm record album. We would also watch the movie version once in a while.

I love Phantom as well, but I’d have to agree with N.T. Wright that this is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best work.

The Rock Opera gives interesting perspectives on Judas and Pilate and especially Herod and Mary Magdalene… and of course Jesus.

The music is phenomenal and the lyrics penetrating and evocative. The song Gethsemane is especially poignant to me, as it makes you feel the emotional and physical torment Jesus experienced during those hours of his life.

I’ve been able to see it once live, and Sam and I were supposed to see it in 2020, but… well… you know.

It’s a solid choice to spin during Holy Week.

Or you may be able to dial up the NBC? special with John Legend and Sara Bareilles. Unexpectedly I actually thoroughly enjoyed that presentation of JC Superstar.

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