Still She Plays: Sydney Grace

Yesterday I went into Syd’s room to get her Broncos hat out of her closet. She needed it at the tennis courts where she is learning to play tennis–with the aid of her little brother/coach/trainer Isaac. During this past year, she also taught herself how to play guitar. She’s a thinker–guess she comes by it honestly. Also, she’s 14. Either way, I saw these lyrics she had written and framed with a picture she had taken on her wall. And for today’s Music Monday, I got her permission to post the picture and the lyrics here:

Seemingly effortless, without a care 

She thinks not once, and strums along

While the birds continue chirping, 

And the winds keep blowing

She plays

A melody of hope, and of sorrow

The soil beneath her feet, 

And the air flowing through her

Golden locks oblivious

Yet true and unknowingly broken

She plays

From time to time the creatures

Mirthful songs cease

Every once in a while the breeze

Stops coursing, bringing about

Moments that halt the pace

The earth under her crumbles

And becomes a part of the whole

Once again

But still, she plays

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