Friday Flashback: Pierced.

My oldest boy just found out that he will get to serve as the chief Junior Marshal for this year’s graduation. That took me back to the day that me and my peeps were junior marshals for the Class of 1995.

It was on that day… that I and a few others of the vaunted Nine Six went and got our ears pierced. If memory serves I got mine done at Arnold’s Jewelry–though it is quite possible that it happened at Claire’s at the mall. I certainly have been there for more than one piercing.

It started with just the left lobe. Now… I don’t know how long it took, but soon after, I came home to find that my dad had gotten his pierced as well. His thinking being that I wouldn’t want to wear an earring if my dad also had one.

Of course, if you know me, I have a bit of a rebellious streak. So instead of taking mine out, I just went and got more. Before it was all said and done, I think I had 2 in the left lobe, 1 in the right lobe, and even 1 in the upper left cartilage. Baller! ;). The cartilage one didn’t last very long because I had to take it in and out for soccer practice and that junk got infected like Theo after he got his done by Cockroach’s sister Tootsie.

That may have also been the summer that Josh Howell trained me how to be a goalkeeper in the 400 degree summer heat while he kicked balls at my stomach from like 6 inches away and had me diving over a cooler and landing on the ground back and forth. The dang ol glory days! To steal a line from the Little King: Still after all these years, my favorite band, the Nine Six!

Oh by the way. My dad still wears his earring to this day. I’ve been thinking about getting mine back to stand with him.

Y’all throw some energy, thoughts, and prayers up for my old man. He got another round of treatments (radiation this time) on his liver yesterday, and has to go back for a round of a chemo shot in a month or so.

Happy Friday y’all! Grace and Peace.

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