Music Monday: Church of 6 Lists

Six Lists of Six for this Music Monday. These are my favorites, not necessarily what I would argue as best of all time or whatever. Also, I could easily change the order for some of these, or add/subtract from these lists at any point in the day depending on what I’m listening to… but for today:

Best Dead Years:

  1. 1974 –
  2. 1973 –
  3. 1981 – This is a surprise move. 81 dead has grown exponentially in my listening as of late. It’s Brent before he was too Brent. That Lost Sailor -> Saint… and Jerry’s voice on Stella!
  4. 1978 – Shakedown!
  5. 1972

Best Venues I’ve seen shows:

  1. Red Rocks – duh
  2. The Wiltern Theater in L.A.
  3. Riverside Theater in MKE
  4. Township in Cola: Not the prettiest, but always rowdy
  5. Whatever the amphitheater in St. Augustine is called. Very cool.
  6. Civic Center — because Asheville

My fav/most listened to rap/hip-hop albums

  1. ATLiens – Outkast
  2. Aquemeni – Outkast
  3. Liquid Swords – GZA
  4. Low End Theory -Tribe
  5. Licensed to Ill – Beasties
  6. The Score – Fugees

Favorite Broadway shows I’ve seen:

  1. Les Miserables – it’s gospel to me
  2. Lion King – same
  3. Hamilton –
  4. Phantom of the Opera
  5. JC Superstar (this one may be higher, but Sarah didn’t like it so much first time; was supposed to see it in 2020 with Sam)
  6. Miss Saigon

Best Non jam type band concerts I’ve seen:

  1. Avett Brothers
  2. Jason Isbell
  3. Natalie Merchant
  4. Mandolin Orange -their music is gold, I just wish they would mix it up a bit and play longer live.
  5. James Taylor
  6. Tracy Chapman

Albums on a desert island — or my back deck which is increasingly the same thing. Also, assuming I’d have a few streaming apps to play Dead, Panic, Phish, and Dave. Cheating, I know, but they’re my lists:

  1. Legend -Bob Marley
  2. Freedom in the Groove – Joshua Redman
  3. Southeastern – Isbell
  4. Willie Nelson sings Kris Kristofferson — (wild to not name Red Headed Stranger here, but this album is magic)
  5. TigerLily – Natalie Merchant
  6. Haste Makes/Hard Hearted — Mandolin Orange

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