Google History

Wednesday = Philippians; Thurs = Thoughts of Others; Friday = Flashback; Saturday = my thoughts for the week; Sunday = Revised Common Lectionary; Monday = Music… Tuesday is random… So a few notes on my iPhone Google History.

  1. Revised Common Lectionary = This is my beginning of each morning. I click on the daily readings while I have my morning a coffee. This morning was partly about Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac. Whew. Can’t wait to one day understand what that one is really about.

2. 5 Servings of fruits and vegetables example = I read a thing yesterday that said 5 is how much you need. I never really learned to eat my veggies. I do pretty good with my kale and spinach and blueberry smoothies. Sweet potatoes, avocados, and green peas. But… well, that’s about it for now. I do like collards, but takes so much time, and the ones from the can are no bueno.

3. Miguel Cardona = newly confirmed Sec. of Education. He’s a public school guy. I’m not opposed in principle to charters necessarily, but the last Ed. Sec. didn’t seem to care much at all about traditional public schools, and well that’s what I do. So I’m glad about Cardona. I hope his plans for reopening schools are successful. Ready to get back to actually teaching!

4. Lang Lang = part of my morning routine is to listen to this master play piano via Apple Music. Bach, Chopin, Liszt, and this morning I sampled his album called Piano Book. So Good!

5. Takes care of me in spanish = as I was writing Sarah’s bday post on Insta, I wanted to say she ‘takes care of me’. She surely does. I didn’t write it because I got to thinking about that phrase, ‘takes care.” How does one take care? I looked up a few translations, and have thought about it, but no conclusions as of yet. I like words.

6. Moderna vaccine = got my first dose this past Saturday. Arm was pretty dang sore for a few days. Then yesterday it all of a sudden just kind of stopped being sore. Next dose is due March 27. Gonna visualize not getting any of the side effects :). Thankful for the researchers and producers of this thing! Hopeful it will help deal with future issues as well.

7. Soundproof room = haha. Looked this one up last night. Sam’s room is right next to mine. I mean right where I lay my head. And ‘I’m old, Claire’, so I’m usually falling asleep around 9:30. And that’s about the time he’s just getting started talking to his friends and such as that. I feel bad asking him to be quiet each night so his old man can go to sleep, so I was trying to figure ways to help insulate those walls from sound.

8. Best Tingle Shampoo = I flirt with buying some of the Paul Mitchell special tea tree shampoo every couple days. It’s the best (said as Nacho Libre), but dang… it’s like $30 for a regular sized bottle. So I stick with Trader Joe’s brand and Dove Men + Care Fresh and Clean (Said like OutKast).

9. Salvation Song Lyrics = my number one Avetts song. Read the lyrics for yourself.

10. Point Reyes Yurt = This is where Sarah and I stayed on our honeymoon! I was looking up possibly going back this June. TWENTY YEARS COMING UP FOR US!

11. Everyday Companion = The Widespread Panic bible. All the lyrics, all the times played, all the setlists… a great place to create DTstats

12. The Day Will Come the Sun Will Rise = another Avett Lyric that I used for my Would post.

13. 5/7/77 Grateful Dead = I remember listening to this show back in the day in Raleigh with my homies on Steadman St. This show was one of my first favorite Dead Shows. That version of Music Never Stops is the funk you need on this Tuesday!

14. Daylight Savings 2021 = Spring Forward March 14th. A lot of folks don’t like the time changes, but it’s like a holiday for me. I love the immediate extended daylight in the evening. I’ll go ahead and change my clocks in the house Saturday morning the 13th probably. That throws everyone off for a while, but it helps get your mind right for losing that hour during the night.

Happy Random Tuesday y’all.

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