Studio Panic

This weekend I cut up a bunch of note cards and wrote down all the songs from the 12 studio albums that Widespread Panic has released. Space Wrangler (SW); Widespread Panic or Mom’s Kitchen (WP); Everyday (ED); Ain’t Life Grand (ALG); Bombs and Butterflies (B&B); Til the Medicine Takes (Med); Don’t Tell the Band (DTTB); Ball (Ball); Free Somehow (FS); Earth to America (ETA); Dirty Side Down (DSD); Street Dogs for Breakfast (SDFB)

Then I spread all the slips out on my counter in my special nook, and arranged them as best I could in terms of what I think is the best album Panic. Studio Panic. Light Fuse Get Away, I would argue, is the best album Panic experience. Unless you want to get into other released live shows, then the argument would rage for days or 30 years.

A couple of notes: I’m only thinking about the studio album song. So for example, I would have Papa’s Home and Big Wooly Mammoth higher up on the list if it were live shows, but album version I have them lower. Visiting Day is a killer song, but they sped it up on the album version and I’m not really here for it. Also, the first dozen or so are essentially interchangeable. If I arranged them each day for 10 days straight, I would end up with a different list. I feel pretty good about the bottom of the list though.

But of course I welcome the inevitable disagreement about why this or that song is higher or lower than this or that. It wouldn’t be a Panic list without. Acoustic Syndicate’s Music Monday spot will appear next week, but since I spent an hour or so over the weekend compiling these, I had to go ahead and put Panic ahead in line.

I’ll talk more about Panic as the Mondays roll on. My favorite venues, specific concerts, experiences, all the different states I’ve seen them live… Panic has been a grand part of the last two plus decades of my life so… anyway here are the lists.

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