I think I’m going to have to find a new topic to write about on Tuesdays. Government and Politics is certainly interesting to me, but there are so many proverbial land mines in offering opinions. I really am unaffiliated. I register that way in part because of the flexibility it gives me in voting in the primary elections. North Carolina has open primaries allowing unaffiliated voters to choose either the Republican or Democrat ballot.

But also, I don’t really want anything to do with either political party. I don’t fit neatly into either box. And I certainly don’t have the passion that is displayed by so many. I don’t really fear that either side is tearing the country down. Although that was challenged on January 6th. But I think the institutions will hold.

I watched the impeachment with a kind of detached curiosity. Most of it was predictable. Mitch McConnell’s play was perhaps the most interesting of all. An attempt to hang on to the leadership role while also reclaiming the party from the Trumpsters.

I try to have a broad perspective. I can certainly get on board with criticism regarding sins past and present of our cultural and historical figures, but at the same time I try not to engage too much in presentism. We are where we are, and are able to think things we think because of our flawed but very real past. Our forebears weren’t perfect. Do we somehow think that we will attain such perfection? Such purity of thought and action? That is not to dismiss or discount what we should gain from our perch of historical critique. We would be fools to discard the gift of learning from the mistakes and successes of those who preceded us.

But yeah… Tuesdays are bound for a different category. What will it be? Any suggestions?

One thought on “Unaffiliated

  1. Tuesday could be a random fact and how you feel about it.

    Like you can imagine the texture of something on your tounge without ever licking it.


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