Friday Flashback: Crest Crazies

We’d meet up before the game and paint up. Welcome to the Jungle or Sweet Child of Mine usually blaring at some point or another. Back in the day there weren’t as many restrictions, so we got to run out with the team, we got to stand on the sidelines outside the player box. We were almost always on Friday Night Football, and we were definitely glad about that.

The cheerleaders would get mad at us sometimes, because we’d lead the crowd in De-Fense cheers! And man it got loud. Thousands of fans who at that point weren’t yet spoiled by persistent success. It was awesome. I will say that senior year we served as the base for a cheerleader pyramid though. I held up Ryan in a liberty 🙂

The junior year season was tragic in that we lost our friend Donnie Lewis. But it turned magical as we would all kneel on the 30 yard line each game–30 was his number. His memory was held high through the season, as we battled West Charlotte and defeated them, then Mt. Tabor with the punt return by Jarod and the bouncy play to Chris. The bouncy play!!!

Then we destroyed Jacksonville in the ‘ship at Chapel Hill. That Chapel Hill hotel experience though!

Senior year was a blast! We didn’t win the whole thing that year, but we had a great season, and of course the ’96 was large and in charge. Haha. Good days.

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