That’s a name we use for my AP Government and Politics class. On Tuesdays I will, perhaps hesitantly, and definitely carefully, wade into the world of national, state, and local politics. But for today just a few thoughts.

  1. The battle within the GOP currently between the MAGA faction and the attempt to move back to more traditional Republican is fascinating to watch. Mitch McConnell especially. Gonna be quite a spectacle to witness the impeachment trial next week. What a time!

2. The only news I watch on cable anymore is Shepherd Smith on CNBC. I’ve liked him since he covered Katrina for Fox, and also it comes on right before Shark Tank. His show is about as fair and honest as any show could be in my judgment.

3. It is bizarre to me how some think that the pandemic is only about fear. Faith over year, ya know? There are so many different layers and perspectives. It’s tough to wade through all of them, and disheartening that we weren’t able and still aren’t able to attempt to work towards a common goal.

4. Using the word ‘science’ as in trust the ‘science’ is also quite something. As if science is some magical force, and not a process by which error is just as important as success. I appreciate the method and I’m glad to get the vaccine and all that, but the word is abused a bit I think.

5. How amazing would it be if President Biden and the moderate GOP really are able to develop some sort of compromise that makes a majority of folks glad!

6. The Week and Axios and the Atlantic and to a lesser extent Politico are my go to sources for information these days.

7. So many forces at work in our society and body politic. No doubt the same forces that have always been at play, but amplified far and wide by the vastness and speed of our connectivity.

8. Next week maybe I’ll pick a side. If anyone has a particular issue you’d wanna discuss drop it in the comments.


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